The Web Series World Cup

The WSWC is a non profit initiative dedicated to supporting, promoting and archiving all serialized short form programs.

Created in 2015, the Web Series World Cup collects the results from the best webfests around the world and regularly publishes throughout the year rankings of the most awarded web series giving the audience a live and up to date listing of the best programs of the moment. Any program selected in a partner festival gest points for selection, nominations and awards. The WSWC publishes monthly rankings and, at the end of each seasons, crowns the most awarded programs in the circuit.

The WSWC also promotes and showcases the top shows at top market and industry events like MIPTV, MIPCOM, Torino Short Film Market, Serial Killer… Shows ranked in the Top 100 are invited to compete in the annual Creators’ Choice Awards.

The Web Series World Cup is the perfect observatory of the global creative community and this year table provides a good picture of “what’s going on” and reveals some of the trends in short scripted content. Since 2015, the WSWC has ranked more than 5.000 titles from 52 countries and covered more than 150 partner festivals editions all around the globe.

The WSWC promotes and supports all year long the festivals in the circuit and helps create new festivals around the world. Every year, the WSWC creates new partnerships and explores new initiatives to recognize, promote and support the next generation of storytellers.

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