The 2023 Creators’ Choice Awards is open for submission!

The 2nd annual WSWC Creators’ Choice Awards is now open for submissions. All 66 first shows in the 2022 WSWC ranking are elligible to submit for free. Submissions end January 15th and are received via Filmfreeway. The Creators’ Choice Awards are judged by creators (vote will take place between Jan. 16th and March 15th).

And now, we are going to give your fellow creators the power to choose the best series in each genre of 2022. Our panel of judges consists of creators who have found success on the festival circuit, but are not eligible to compete in this year’s Creators’ Choice Awards. In a nutshell, your peers will decide which series is the Best of the Best in its genre.

It is free and easy! We have created this FilmFreeway page to allow you to enter your project hassle free. The only criteria is, again, that you have been invited to submit based on your standing in the Web Series World Cup. If your show is on this page, you are eligible to submit!

We at the WSWC thank you for all of artistry and hard work in 2022. To be called a creator is one of the most powerful and satisfying accomplishments one can achieve. And the Creators’ Choice Awards allows those who have achieved that accomplishment to compete and be ranked by a jury of their fellow creators.

Let the WSWC Creators’ Choice Awards extravaganza begin!

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